Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yes I have joined the many ranks of ravelers in the Ravelympics. I have entered one event, WIPs Wrestling. I have like 4 projects that need to be finished before people beat me up. So this will be a good time to do so.
Projects :
Entrelac Wrap - Crochet
Classic Sweater for Guys - Knit
Lacy Days of Summer - Crochet
Textured Blanket - Crochet
I hope to cross the finish line, Aug. 24th, with all projects complete. Even with the ends weaved in.
Justina is practically finished. Just have to do the back waist and put it together and sew on buttons. I know I will have to line it so I will be looking for fabric. At least I know I will wear it in August. I'll try to have some pics soon.