Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have finished "The Devil's Queen" by Jeanne Kalogridis and boy was it a fast read. Over four hundred pages of history, court intrigue, astrology, I couldn't put it down. For me not to know anything about Catherine De Medici I think I have a pretty good understanding of her after reading the book. What a powerful woman. What a determined woman. Wow! I highly recommend this book if you like historical fiction. If you haven't tried historical fiction....well your missing out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Done reading, "Sweater Quest". Let the party begin. I was so happy to finish the book....I jumped for joy. It was just that hard to finish. Now, I stand by my previous post....this book was boring for me. Others may find it enjoyable, but not I. There are a lot of technical things about knitting, about the knitting community, and about "SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED". I guess that is what made it boring. The process wasn't all that bad. If she just wrote about that I'd probably would have enjoyed it. But, I guess the technical stuff was necessary though. I did learn some things. That is a bright side.

Now, on to a historical fiction book, "The Devil's Queen" by Jeanne Kalogridis. So, far I am enjoying it immensely. There is something about historical fiction that is so soothing to me. The book is about Catherine De Medici. I have never really read about her. I have stayed with the Tudors up unitl now. I look forward to reading it every time I pick it up. So, I already know I am going to write a positive review on it. (Hopefully!)