Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gearing Up!

For the Ravelympics!!!!! I am so excited. The Winter Olympics start February 12th and I can't wait. I am participating in two events, WIP Dancing and Sock Hockey. I plan on finishing Mara and Justina by the end of the Olympics. My challenge is to do two socks on one circ. I have two socks I want to finish.....1 is for my mom and the other is just a simple sock pattern. I didn't want to overload myself.

Also, I am back in school. Luckily my classes aren't that involved where I will lose knitting/crochet time. This will allow my to get through the Olympics. I can't say that for this coming summer. I plan on taking math this summer and that is going to kill me. I hate math. I really suck at it. (Damn Algebra!)

My fiance gave me the great idea of planning a day cruise on the Detroit Princess this summer for the knit group I go to at City Knits and anyone else who would be interested. I've discussed it with some of the girls there and July would be a good month. Its still in the planning stages and I hope to give them the schedule and price list the lady provided me with from the ship. Hopefully, this thing gets up and rolling. It would be so much fun.

I so need to get some pics up of my recent projects. I hope to do this by next month. (I said "hope"....don't hold your breathe.)