Monday, July 5, 2010

Only a Couple of Months In

Let me explain the headline....I have been reading "Sweater Quest" by Adrienne Martini and it is about her quest to finish "Mary Tudor". For me this is another slow read. I am only in July/August and I feel like its going to take the rest of this year for me to finish. For others this may be a great book...especially if you are into "She Who Must Not Be Named" designs. But, one look at that sweater made me want to vomit. I thought, "why would she want to knit that". The challenge. Cool, I'm all for a challenge. I took on socks and am now addicted after swearing they were too hard. I've knitted lace and made shawls....challenge is a good thing. But not this. It's not for me. I've told people it looked like someone drunk a faygo orange, grape, and red pop an threw up on the thing. Now, "She Who Must Not Be Named" has some other designs that I liked, but will not attempt even if SHE paid me because of her.

Seeing that I am still reading it (yes, I will not just put this down and concede defeat) I will put off actually giving a review. There are some good things in the book, but my picture of "She Who Must Not Be Named" makes it unlikely for me to put her in the class of EZ, Meg Swanson, Sally Melville, and the Yarn Harlot.