Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I figured I would try some more lace knitting. I chose the "Swallowtail" shawl below and boy is it giving me the flukes. I'm using JoJoland Melody and size 4 needles. I've frogged over 5x's now and may have to frog again. I will get this......I will. Hopefully, by the end I will still have my wits. Its just such a beautiful shawl. I have to have it. I'm obsessed with shawls at the moment.

I also will be casting on for this pretty soon. Its "Gale" and I will be using the remaining of my JoJoland Melody stash to complete this project. I saw this on my friend's project page on Ravelry and figured I could do it too.
So, I will be in lace land for a while.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Looking at Ravelry and seeing the new issue of Vogue I was struck by the cover project, "Lace Scarf". The bulk and length was enough to make me drool over it. I knew I had to make this thing. When I went to pick out yarn I decided to make some modifications to the scarf. First, I decided not to double strand the scarf. The bulk is nice, but I didn't want it to smother me. Second, I am using size 15 needles not 19. If I used 19 needles it would make the scarf too open. Third, I am going to use 7 skeins of Plymouth Encore Mega in a sea foam color(for now). When I run out of yarn and its not long enough I will go back and buy 3 more skeins.

So far I find the pattern easy to do. Seeing that I started a lace project last month, it made it easier for me. The chart is easy to read, but I will make a copy of it and enlarge so I can read it better. Also, so I won't mess up the magazine too much. I hope to finish this by the end of the month. I have no idea what March has in store for Michigan, but if it brings in some heavy duty cold wind I will definitely be ready for it. "March goes out like a Lion and April comes in like a Lamb."

Here is my Lace Dress from my two posts ago. I am on the second repeat and hope to finish the skirt by the end of this month or beginning of March. I have plenty of time to finish this. So I will be taking my time with it.