Monday, March 15, 2010

Yarn Harlot Weekend

Yeah....I spent Saturday with the "Yarn Harlot" Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Well, sort of...I attended her book signing at the Detroit Main Library. It was very fun and soothing. You heard me right....soothing. I say that because this was the first event I ever went to where everyone in the audience was knitting. There is something to be said about a bunch of people gathered together to listen to an author talk about knitting while you knit.

At one point I looked over at the guard who escorted her into the auditorium and I thought, "gee, he must be bored". Then I thought, "he must think we're all nuts". What did they think we all were going to do....attack her when she made her appearance. Is that why they gave her protection? LOL! She even joked about it. Like she was some "real" celebrity. Well, in the knitting world she is. Its funny how non-crocheters and non-knitters don't get it when you talk about "our celebrities". Also, how we can't go past a yarn shop or a yarn isle without entering. Then we get in there and molest the yarn. With no intention to buy, but must touch the yarny goodness. The addiction is bad and we all refuse to go to rehab!

A plus of the signing was her showing off her sweater she finished during the Ravelympics. It was beautiful. It was amazing. She got it done in 2 wks. That's insane considering that it's some fair isle involved. She so rocks!

People came from all over. I sat with two ladies from NY, Kathy and Sandi. They both were working on socks. There was even a marketplace before the signing. I bought two skeins of sock yarn and one clipboard with legal pad. No regrets. Boy did I have fun.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics Withdrawal!!!!

After anxiously waiting for the Olympics to start and feverishly trolling Ravelry for projects to finish and start....the withdrawal has begun. I only finished 3 out of 4 planned projects. I decided late that it would be better for me to rip down the top of Justina and redo it to fit a bigger bust size. Also, I made a simpler pair of socks for mom than "Mermaid's Lagoon". It just wasn't possible for me to finish it in time. I rather play safe than be sorry. (She's gonna get them this Friday for her b-day!)

Below are the"Ragg Hiker's" I did for mom. They're from the 2 socks at a time book. I hope she likes them. I like mine. They were finished on the 28th of Feb. before the closing ceremonies started. I was so happy to be done with them.

Below is Mara....not a real good pic, but hey I had to get it posted on the Finish line thread. The ribbing is at least 2 inches short, but it works for me because I am short. I am very pleased with how it turned out though. Making another would involve a great deal of thought.