Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gift Giving

I have just finished my gifts for the girls at work as a going away gesture. The first is a crocheted tea pot cozy from www.lullabiesandlace.com/simpleteacozy.html I did it with MSU colors since the person I made this for went to MSU. I found the pattern very simple and can be done in one night. New stitch for me was the popcorn stitch. A very simple stitch to do.

This next one is a double crochet scarf made out of Lion Brand Homespun. I like the color and everything, but the yarn splits every so often. Not completely sold on it, but it comes in cute colors so I will more than likely get more.

This is the simple seamed hat done in the round. Just didn't want to seam it up later. I just eliminated 2 stitches. How simple is that? I also did better with the color change. Hated it at first but once I did it I was happy. Also, I made a pom pom for the first time without one of those gadgets. It wasn't all that hard. I think the hat looks good with a pom pom. And yes, this person also went to MSU hence the colors.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A time for new things

I've been eyeing the broomstick lace stitch for a yr now and just worked up the balls to attempt it. This is the beginning of the broomstick lace wristlets from Gritty Knits . I'm using worsted weight yarn SWS from patons. It self stripes even if you are crocheting. I think that is so cool. It also felts pretty good. Who would have thought that soy and wool would work well together. Go figure.

Also, I bought a new knitting needle case on ebay. It has 48 pockets to hold sp and dp needles, cable needles and crochet hooks. I was so excited when this came in the mail. I put all my needles in it (that weren't involved with a project). I'm very proud of this purchase. Now my needles have a proper home. They can all be in the same place.