Monday, September 29, 2008

My B-Day and Reflections

Yeah, its my b-day today and also my 1 yr anniversary on Blogger. I'm 29 and don't live in fear of the big 3-0. I've enjoyed blogging this past year. I love to express myself and this gives me the perfect platform.
The pic on the above is what I was doing Saturday with my best-friend and her peoples. Sunday I went to the Renaissance Festival for the first time and trust me I will be going every year now. I had so much fun. My boy-toy bought me a sheepskin journal, a corset, and I bought myself a coyote tail. I even got the chance to talk to a dear friend who works there, Lynne W. She's been working the festival for some years now and she helps sale custom fitted corsets for Renaissance Fashions. I love their corsets and even though they are expensive I plan on getting 1 or 2 a yr.
Well heres to me, myself, and I !

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am so happy to be making this. I'm on the left front panel and can't wait to do the skirt and collar. As I was working on the right panel I thought it was a mistake in the pattern, but after looking at how the collar was made I figured that there wasn't a mistake. This is very easy and I haven't made a mistake yet. (Happy dance!!!!!!)
Justine was put on the back burner, but I will be pulling her back out to finish for my b-day which is in 2wks. Hopefully, it will be nice enough to wear. If not I can wear my duster even though the dress/skirt is a light gray and the duster is a medium blue. LOL!!!!!
I'm debating on the Hemlock Ring Blanket. It scares me a bit when you get to his increases. I probably will still try it though. I may try to start that in November.