Thursday, April 25, 2013

Been a Long Time.....


I just saw this tonight and with only a couple of days left decided to join in.  Its call the "knit and crochet blog week"  and its a yearly event.  I believe that I closely resemble the house of bee.  I like shiny objects and will go from one project to the next.  Hence the fact that I have lots of WIPs.  

The topic for today is Color.  My fav color is blue.  Most of my projects will either be all blue or have blue in it.  Its a far cry from the color of a bee, but hey I love it.  Its calming to me and simple.  The bee is simple.  It has a simple life of  gathering nectar from flowers and making honey.  Thats as close as my fav color will get to the bee is that its simple.  I'm sure there are other colors that are simple, too.  But, that is what dictates my color choice for my projects.... will it look good in blue.

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