Monday, April 29, 2013


I hate to not be on a sight for a long time only to return and have a hard time changing account settings.  Its real difficult.  Maybe I should've blogged more (at least 1 a month) or kept a better track of things, but live and learn.

I also find myself trying to get back in the crochet and knit mode.  I have been trying to become a certified teacher in both knit and crochet.  Low and behold finding the time to complete the projects has proven harder than I thought.  Tomorrow is my deadline and tonight I have to bang out a few things then go mail them.  I'm going to have a busy night and morning.

After this I hope to just enjoy some personal knitting and crocheting time.  I have a lot of WIPs....I do mean a lot

Here's hoping to getting  my mojo back.....

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